Message from the President

Thank you for taking time to visit my site.
After serving private sector for 28 years, I decided to pursue my passion to contribute to the livelihood of civil society in developing/under developed countries.
For the past few years, I have provided consulting services to Small business owners in U.S. and Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) in Armenia and Afghanistan.

My goals and objectives are to assist small business owners to succeed and grow in their business and be able to compete in the global market place.


My line of expertise in International Development are as follows:
NGO Development
SME Development
Capacity Building
Rural and Urban Community Development
Income Generation
Poverty Reduction
Institutional Strengthening
Proposal Preparation
Women in Development
Human Trafficking
Gender Issues
Training in: Business Development, Marketing, Business Planning
My mission is to contribute to the economic growth of a developing/under developed country to eradicate poverty, contribute to women and youth in development and build a brighter future for people to remain in their birth land and avoid mass migration.
Together, we can make Extreme Poverty history.

Hilda Grigorian, MBA
(Ph.D. Candidate)